Role: Creator
Bear & Butcher is a boss rush bullet hell where you play as a closeted gay male trying to escape a family reunion. The bosses are your homophobic family members, and the bullets are the harmful words that they say as you try to leave. In this bullet hell, and like in most family reunions, you can’t fight back. Instead, you must dodge bullets until you’ve run out the clock enough to make a graceful exit.
Bear & Butcher was shown at Different Games Conference 2018.​​​​​​​
As creator of Bear & Butcher, I was responsible for:
- Designing the levels, layout, and mechanics of the game
- Creating and implementing all of the game's art, code, and music assets
- Concepting the game's character and environment designs
- Creating promotional art to show online and at events
- Writing the game's  story and dialogue
- Creating and maintaining the game's asset list
Bear & Butcher can be found here on
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